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The Lebara Foundation is funding a host of high-quality, innovative development projects around the world, in partnership with the United Nations, international non-governmental organisations, the private sector, national governments and communities. There is a strong emphasis on protecting and educating vulnerable and displaced children.

In just two years, the Foundation has gone from supporting around 1,000 children in one country to assisting over 150,000 children across 11 countries.

Lebara donated €1 million to the Foundation in 2011 to mark its 10-year anniversary. This was raised through customer top-ups globally, and we thank our customers for helping us support a further 10 projects, run in conjunction with the UNHCR (United Nations agency) and the IFRC (International Red Cross and Crescent organisations), in countries where our customers have family and friends.

The founders announced a further €10 million donation in 2011, which is going towards building a school and village in South India. The project will provide 1,000 children with access to education and sustainable community-based care for their families.

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